St. George’s is the eastern-most parish in Bermuda and includes two distinct geographic regions – St. George’s and St. David’s.

St. George’sUNESCO
Although the whole parish is called St. George’s, locals tend to refer to St. George’s as the part of the parish that includes The Town of St. George, a historic colonial town and the main shopping, dining and museum district. In walking distance from the town there are beaches, nature reserves, forts, and several residential sporting and sailing clubs.   For more about the history of this UNESCO World Heritage Site, click here.

St. David’s

Cross the bridge from St. George’s and find yourself in St. David’s, a vibrant a residential and cultural hub whose community has strong Native American ties. Part of St. David’s includes a formal naval base, and throughout the area you can find beaches, restaurants, and key historic sites.


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