Public Bus Transportation

The #10 and #11 buses service St. George’s and leave the central bus terminal in the City of Hamilton every 15 minutes throughout the day, and every 30 minutes in the evening, at quarter to and quarter past the hour. Between 10pm and midnight, there is one bus only per hour, at quarter to the hour.

The #1 and #3 buses service the East End as well, leaving the bus terminal at quarter to and quarter past the hour and traveling along the scenic southern shore. At quarter past the hour, the #1 services St. George’s and at quarter to the hour, catch the #3 bus. Other than these times, these buses do not go all the way to St. George’s and end at Grotto Bay Beach Resort.

To access St. David’s, catch the #6 from St. George’s – This bus only runs once an hour. If you are catching a St. George’s bus from Hamilton, inform the bus driver that you wish to visit St. David’s, and they’ll let you know where to disembark to pick up the #6.

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Ferry Services

Sea Express
The Ferry Service runs from April-October only, operated by Bermuda’s Department of Marine & Ports under the Ministry of Tourism & Transportation, and operates between St. George’s & Dockyard.  There are four trips on Mondays, Wednesdays & Thursdays, and three trips on Tuesdays and Fridays.  The ferry does not run on weekends.


Download the ferry schedule here.

NCL Tender
NCL operates a private ferry between Dockyard and St. George’s for their cruise guests.

Download the NCL Tender Schedule.


Motorbikes, Bicycles & Electric Cars

Many visitors to Bermuda rent mopeds (which locals call bikes!) and there are several rental outlets across the island. Once you have your bike, St. George’s is easy to navigate to. If you wish to travel to St. George’s by some other means, then explore the parish via moped. You can rent one at Oleander Cycles in St. George’s.

Bicycles (called push bikes or pedal bikes here) are also available to rent and are a perfect way to see the parish on your own schedule! You can rent a bicycle in St. George’s at Long Story Short, who offer guided tours in addition to rentals, and at Oleander Cycles.  Electronic bicycles are available to rent from Pedego Electric Bikes.

Parking is available throughout the town, with 1-hr parking only on the streets and town square.  All day parking is at Tiger Bay.  Charging stations for Twizy Electric Cars are also available at Tiger Bay.


Taxis are found throughout the island and can be flagged down on the street, ordered by your concierge, and via the dispatching systems. Bermuda Taxi Association Dispatching
1 (441) 296-2121 or 1 (441) 295-4141).