Visitor Services Centre

The Visitor Services Centre is located on the corner of Duke of York Street and Queen Street, right on the main road across from the former police station. Visit the VSC to ask questions about the East End and to purchase bus and ferry tokens.

There are four international banking machines in St. George’s. HSBC Bank and Bank of Butterfield Limited have one machine each at LF Wade International Airport and on the main town square in the Town of St. George’s, where they also have full service banks.

Cell Phone
If you are looking to rent a cell phone or international SIM card, visit One Communications on Water Street.

The Town of St. George offers FREE Wi-Fi on the main Town Square (sponsored by The Corporation of St. George’s).

There are also several restaurants in St. George’s where you can access Wi-Fi for free with purchase. Additionally, TeleBermuda International offers data passes and has Wi-Fi hotspots across the island, including 3 in St. David’s and 7 in St. George’s. Click here to find out where to buy and access.

Parking is free in St. George’s.

Cars can be parked in the marked bays on the main roads, King’s Square, and Customs House Square (between Robertson’s Pharmacy and the Post Office) for one hour. All day car parking is available in the two large parking lots – Tiger Bay/Penno’s Wharf and Hunter Wharf.

All day bike (moped) parking is available in marked bays throughout the town.

Post Office
The St. George’s Post Office is located on Customs House Square, between Water and York Streets. Stamps are sold here, and postcards are sold at various stores throughout the town. The Post Office also sells bus and ferry passes.

Visit the pharmacy counter at Robertson’s Drug Store to fill your prescriptions. The drug store also sells several over the counter medicines and other health and beauty supplies.

Emergency Services
For emergency services dial 911.

The main 24-hr hospital (King Edward Memorial Hospital) is located in Paget. There is a smaller facility in St. David’s (Lamb Foggo Urgent Care Centre) that treats minor illnesses and injuries and is open Monday to Friday: 4:00pm to midnight and Saturday & Sunday: 12pm to midnight.